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There are numerous tattoo shops in Chandigarh but @ Vimoksha Tattoo we have established ourselves by providing a HYGIENIC, CLEAN and welcoming environment. As one of the best tattoo shops in Chandigarh we offer our customers the highest quality work they are looking for and deserve. Our tattoo artists develop deep into the history of the creative tattoo world and offer you a range of tattoo styles. We can offer you various stunning and also affordable tattoo styles in your city of Chandigarh. Our personalised styles as well as our work make us one of the leading tattoo shops in Chandigarh. Our company believes that getting a tattoo from an artist is all about the confidence factor. No one intends to get a tattoo they will regret for the rest of their life.

So, first you need to know how to choose a tattoo artist. Therefore, after finding and choosing a tattoo artist in Chandigarh, it is time to contact them for more information. Once you have contacted them it is very important that you visit their tattoo shop and make sure you have picked the right one by checking their hygiene a bit and making sure they have enough knowledge to do the right things and Safety measures to follow to follow Or Not There is no negative point then it is the right tattoo shop and artist. Looking for a top-notch tattoo in Chandigarh? Discover skilled artists and stunning designs at our premier tattoo parlor, offering a blend of creativity and professionalism

Why Choose VIMOKSHA - Tha Best Tattoo Studio In Chandigarh

Special and specialised tattoo designs by experienced tattoo artists – We offer our customers a comfortable ambience and the finest artwork at a reasonable price. which always brings them back to us. We offer styles that match their individuality if they don’t have a pre-selected design. We tattoo artists work with your ideas and draw the most effective and unique designs from your story.

Tattoo Cover-Ups – In our tattoo studio we also take care of even worse cover-up scenarios. In some cases we are faced with small cover ups, while in other cases it is a large design that needs to be fleshed out and our artists are skilled enough to make it happen.

the most Reliable tattoo studio in Chandigarh

With a strong penchant for customer satisfaction through strong work, Vimoksha Tattoos has made tattoos that stand the test of time. In compliance with the highest quality and hygiene standards, we ensure that everything that touches your skin is intended for your skin. The moment you open the door you are greeted with the most positive and relaxing vibes you have ever experienced. No wonder Vimoksha Tattoos has become one of the most popular tattoo shops in Chandigarh. Your search for quality work and tattoos that reflect your personality ends with Vimoksha Tattoos. We promise more than just great tattoos, we promise a lifetime experience, line by line. This is the world of well-done line-by-line tattoos. Let us advise you and go home with a work of art tailored to you.

Piercing Studio In Chandigarh

A piercing is a permanent body modification that involves the cutting a hole in the body. It can be done for aesthetic or religious reasons. Body piercing has been practiced all over the world since ancient times. Today, there are many different types of piercings that you can get.

A Piercing studio is a place where people can go to get piercings. There are many different types of piercings, and each type has its own unique set of benefits. If you’re considering getting a piercing, read on to learn more about what a piercing studio can offer you!

There are many different types of piercings that you can get done these days. Whether you want a simple lobe piercing or something more adventurous, there is sure to be a type of piercing that suits your style.

Vimoksha Tattoo/Piercing Studio in Chandigarh offers a wide range of body piercing services. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. Our highly trained staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you’re thinking about getting a body piercing, CONTACT US.

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Our experienced and award-winning team makes every effort and follows tattoo industry best practices to develop innovative and creative tattoo designs. The quality of the tattoo services we provide is directly reflected in some of the successful tattoo projects we have recently completed.

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Address: SCO No. 61, Second floor, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh, 160030

Phone: 9888641414

What Our Client Says

Shashi Tiwari
This was my first tattoo experience and it has been really exceptional. The artists at this tattoo studio are experts and highly skilled in this art form. They are really friendly with all clients. Apart from the excellent service, the ambience is nice and comfortable with some spectacular vibes.
Archana Punia
It was an amazing experience. The team is really professional yet friendly and maintained good hygiene. Felt very comfortable, bearable pain and the tattoo artist Deepak has done a commendable job. He really made us feel at home. Worth the money.
Namya Handa
One of the finest tattoo makers in town. I got my tatto done and all the safety as well as covid measures were taken into consideration. Very cooperative people. On the very same day I got a helix piercing as well, which was completely painless. Highly recommend place for tattoo enthusiasts. The whole experience was amazing. Thank you Vimoksha tattoos.
Aisha Aranha
It was an AMAZING job done by the artist. He was so patient with my Mom as she was petrified to get a tattoo made. But with his expertise he made her journey successful. Thankyou so much Vimoksha Tattoos. You guys rock and are a wonderful team. Keep up the great work. Will definitely come for more tattoos ❤️
Abhishek Chandan
One of my favourite tattoo artist in Chandigarh Got two tattoo from him and always I plan my another tattoo with him Very talented and creative tattoo artist Always available to answer all your questions Lots of love to team vimoksha tattoos
Simar Bhatt
Shiva, and the entire team, they are superb! Very good at their job and amazing in customer service. I liked the work and ambience equally. Kudos! I’ll come back for more tattoos for sure. !!
Prekshika Bisht
I got 3 tattoos from Vimoksha. Honestly I was skeptical initially because it’s so hard to find the perfect tattoo artist who understands your mind and brings it out in such a beautiful way. I absolutely loved my experience here. Everyone was extremely professional and warm. TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY!!! Affordable and excellent services. They did a pretty good job with all 3 tattoos plus fixed an old tattoo that was done by a lousy artist. ❤️❤️
Bharat Sharma
Completely satisfied with my tattoo and artists are very friendly and helpful and they give best advice. You can truly trust their dedication and commitment towards your tattoo. Highly recommend
It was a wonderful experience overall, the sweet artist who did my septum piercing was so flawless i didn’t feel any pain and I got my first tattoo ever in their studio and it was worth it and better than my expectations, 10/10 recommended
Ashish Verma
Your skill set is very amazing .i thought it may not look like my expectations .but this was way beyond my expectations.

We are a client-centric tattoo company

At Vimoksha Tattoos we understand that every client is different and important. We care about each customer and respect each of them. We have been in the tattoo business since 2010 and take great pride in educating our customers on tattooing that is the best, stays clean and lasts for many years. From the simplest to the most complicated tattoo request, we have the skills and experts to fulfill every client request with artwork that defies the imagination.

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